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Dental implants look identical to your natural teeth.


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Our dental implants are typically the best solution for anyone who is missing a tooth or has teeth that are failing. Getting dental implants are as easy as 1-2-3. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone to replace those failing or missing teeth. These titanium anchors act as root substitutes. Natural bone fusion with the titanium root, creating a strong foundation for the dental implant. Once the implant has fully healed, a natural, beautiful tooth (crown) will be placed on top of the implant.

​Dental implants look identical to your natural teeth. Over several months, your jawbone fuses to the implant. The fusing process is the reason implants do not slip or rock like dentures. This also makes them the most successful option for patients seeking an option for tooth replacement. We are confident you will love your dental implant(s) and with proper care, they will last a lifetime.

Patients who have chosen dental implants report an incredibly high quality of life over those who chose fixed bridges, partial dentures or removable dentures. Dental implants eliminate the daily frustrations and discomfort of dentures. They are recommended by dental professionals because, unlike fixed bridges or removable dentures, they do not affect the health of your neighboring teeth nor do they lead to bone loss in the jaw.

Dental Implant Option

Single tooth implant

Single-tooth implants are best when one (or multiple) natural teeth have been compromised.


Implant bridges are better than traditional dental bridges as they do not compromise the health of natural teeth.


Overdentures snap in and lock into the implants. They can easily be taken off and put back on by the patient.

Hybrid Implant Dentures

Hybrid dentures are fixed in place. To clean, your general dentist will remove during your regular cleanings.

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If you’re interested in dental implants, be sure to schedule a consultation to discuss your option. At the consultation, your oral surgeon will take a 3D scan of your mouth to create a treatment plan for your procedure. If you have enough bone in your jaw, the consultation, extraction of the existing tooth, and the implant can be done in one, convenient visit.

Length of Procedure

The length of your procedure will vary based on your treatment. In addition to the time spent during the procedure, you can also expect to be in our office an additional thirty minutes to one hour for consultation and in-office recovery time.